”A great frame does more than beautify the image it surrounds, it touches the entire room adding elegance and personal style.”

If you need to upgrade your existing art works or have purchased new, visit Artmania for innovative, stylish and quality design options that will both enhance and preserve your image for generations. Every single custom framing job is hand assembled on premises, dedicated to the highest level where care and attention to detail span the entire process, from the initial design layout to the final assemblage of your framed image.

Design yourself, with us or let us provide you with our experience and knowledge of what will best compliment your image. How your image is framed is an important consideration, which is why we know the importance for us to use conservation materials, the correct glass and mounting methods.


                                                 “With all the unique design combinations, your creative options are virtually limitless.”

We cater for all aspects of custom framing.

  • Original Artwork
  • Prints
  • Sports Memorabilia
  • Glamour Shots
  • Travel Photos
  • Mounting
  • Shadow Boxes
  • Certificates
  • Cross Stitch/Tapestries
  • Wedding Photos
  • Corporate Framing
  • Family Portraits
  • Mirrors
  • Canvas Stretching
  • Mat/Glass Replacements


Artmania offer a comprehensive range of over 900 carefully selected mouldings, consisting of veneer, rustic and natural timbers; traditional and contemporary gold, silvers and pewters; colourerd, lacquered, plus everyday black and whites.

We have combined these frames with a selection from the range of Bellini Fine Mouldings. A unique range of amazing designer mouldings, through to grand traditional, raw and veneer timber finishes, along with contemporary and elegant gold and silver gilded frames that are hand finished and sculpted in Italy. The Bellini range highlights quality, style and beauty and will simply add a fantastic focal point to your room.




                                           “Preservation framing is a reasonable investment in order to protect your personal treasures.”

Crescent Cotton RagMats and Crescent Select Conservation mat boards are the mat boards used as our everyday standard framing, along with designer fabrics, suede, linens, metallic, patterned and textured mats to compliment your artwork. 

Why Conservation? Not all mat boards are created equal. Using a high quality mat board and foam board (backing) is essential to protect your image. Any mat boards used for framing that are not rated as a conservation grade contain elements that will damage your artwork over time. They are usually made from wood pulp that has been buffered with calcium carbonate to raise its PH level so it can be called an “acid free” mat board. Over a short time the protection from the buffering decreases until the mat board is no longer “acid free”. The acids and lignin in the core will eventually leach out to the surface and harm the artwork.The dark brown area on the image below shows how a photo or a piece of artwork can be discoloured by acid if a non-conservation mat board is used.


RagMat: Premium quality conservation surfaces on 100% cotton core and backing papers, that are naturally free of chemicals and pollutants that can degrade or harm artworks. Crescent RagMat is the only matting and mounting board backed with a lifetime warranty. This guarantee of quality provides peace of mind to our valued customers. click to view RagMat Colour Chart

Select: Crescent Select mat boards are produced using only 100% virgin alpha-cellulose fibers for lasting quality. They are deeply pigmented for rich colour that is both fade and bleed resistant. Bright white conservation core, backing and surface papers that meets all conservation standards as defined by the Fine Art Trade Guild. click to view Crescent Select Colour Chart




The Couture Collection. Richly textured surfaces, shimmering metals and organic textures. Hand finished and artisan surfaces that make every framing design simply unique. The Couture collection also feature Crescent’s 100% cotton RagMat and backing for maximum conservation and art protection.

click to view Couture Swatches


“Choosing the right glass is as important as choosing the right frame.”

Our six glazing options:

  • Standard Clear.  Clear glass.
  • Reflection Control.  Minimizes glare.
  • Ultra Vue. This glass provides an almost invisible finish and reflection free viewing. Similar to the museum glazing look, it’s almost like there is no glass in the frame. Blocks 70% of UV light.
  • Conservation Clear.  For protecting artwork against damage and fading caused by UV light. Blocks 99% of UV light.
  • Conservation Reflection Control.  To minimize glare while protecting against  UV light. Blocks 99% of UV light.
  • Museum Glass.  The best glass choiceFor virtually invisible glazing that will enhance colours, brightness and contrast of all types of artwork and photographs. Along with the lowest reflection rating of any other glass product, it blocks 99% of UV light to protect your image from fading and has the highest light transmission. The result is consistent, durable and the most attractive display for any image.

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We are stockists of Artiteq hanging systems.

Integrating a flexible hanging system into your home interior is easily and quickly done with the Click Rail. In three simple steps, the rail is fastened to the wall; by hanging or sliding the wires into the rail with optional picture hooks, you create a flexible suspension of your decorations. The rails are available in 2m and 3m lengths in brushed aluminium, off white or a white primer which can be painted to match any wall colour, to give a practically invisible finish.

Artiteq picture hanging systems are stylish and are both practical and simple to use. They give you the flexibility to move pictures around whenever you want without having those unwanted nail holes throughout the wall.

Consumer Brochure PDF click here